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Interesting POV:
- Looks like clothes iron to me and I'll buy it!
- What, wait, why?
- Because I won't have to care: no more paint, scratches, hits from other doors, small stones - who cares, easy to fix. The children can hist it with a ball all day...
- 🤔

We have Improved the Customer Experience.

Pray we do not Improve it further.

Aston Martin Revealed as Responsible for Anti-EV Study

Happy Towel Day 2020!

Now go read one of Douglas's books!

Does anyone have any desire to own the domain I'm going to let it drop in a week.

Just a glitch in the Android APP… for a few minutes.

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Replying with higher visibility than the original toot (e.g., replying with a public toot to a private one) should

There’s a joke about debugging somewhere in this gif

Single image source... WOW, fascinating! (and scary at the same time...)

Interesting tool: - you can see thirdrowtesla got all possible restrictions.

I'm curious about the general #Corona vibe on Mastodon.

Working from home lets you do things... drinking on the job does not get you fired, just tested and the results are encouraging, so far. Will try to report later on...

I have a friend in Germany who's showing pretty much all symptoms of #corona, but they refuse to test him because he hasn't been in contact with a high-risk group.

Are we still at that stage with thousands of people already infected?

Even more shocking: they asked him to come pick up his sick certificate personally.

Looks like Twitter is massively suspending users, at least in the community.

From 2015: "The next outbreak? We’re not ready" a TED talk by Bill Gates

So Twitter suspended my account. Cant get it back just yet, will probably take a few days. Screw this shit. @stevejobs please spread the word on Twitter and tell K10 and LudaLisl.
Reason: suspicious behavior

I made a conservative argmunet against high taxes.
Fuck you leftist twitter.

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