I paint rocks and created a FB group called During the Christmas holiday, I paint themed rocks, including “not so ugly Christmas Sweater” rocks. I place them around the community for people to find. Here’s my latest batch getting ready to deploy tomorrow. Joy! 🎄

One person that I’m thankful for is @elonmusk Aside from sharing his genius with the world, giving us his vision for a sustainable future, & creating some of the most innovative products in history, he listens to & cares about us. I raise a fork of pumpkin pie to Elon. Cheers!🙂

@elonmusk, I see a lot of people reacting positively & many haters. I can’t help but think... How many of us love seeing futuristic cars in the movies & say “Why can’t we have those cars!?” Well, @Tesla just gave us one. It’s 2019 for gosh sake!!

CYBERTRUCK- STAINLESS STEEL?!!! BULLET PROOF?!! A Tesla ATV!!!? It’s like @elonmusk went for inspiration, grabbed this amazing vehicle, brought it back, and just presented it to us. WE’RE NOT WORTHY (wait... YES! We ARE worthy!)

‪...Taking a break from bounty hunting, the @themandalorian borrowed my and did some sight seeing. Although he (& I) didn’t get an invitation to the @Tesla @CyberTruck reveal, a cruise on @Route66 & a visit to the Indy Tesla Showroom made our day. @elonmusk 😂‬


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