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Tesla price target raised to $928 from $729 by Piper Sandler analyst Alexander Potter.

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MIC Tesla Model 3 From Giga 3 Shanghai Will Resume Delivery Within 24 hours on Feb 17th

(Feb 15) Model 3 are being shipped out of factory for delivery.

The assembly work of the gigafactory model 3 has been operating normally. New cars are constantly being loaded on transport trucks. Delivery of scheduled users should not be affected by the covid-19.

Construction workers in the second phase of the project must return to Shanghai for quarantine for two weeks to ensure that they are not infected and sick.

The number of reported coronavirus cases continued to grow, with about 1,400 people dead and some 64,000 people around the world sickened, the vast majority in mainland China, researchers at Johns Hopkins said late Thursday.

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It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

SEC Has Closed Investigation Into Tesla Projections and Public Statements Regarding Model 3 Production Rates, 10-K Filing Says

UPDATE: after long extended break, workers return today. At around 7.50 am, the shuttle buses carrying employees begin to enter the GF3 gate. All passengers wear masks. Security is tight. Only authorized vehicles are allowed to get in.

Great tweet from twitter:

The outbreak may dent 🇨🇳 economy, but may not be a bad thing for . Ppl are concerned abt sharing public transportation. This may spur EV sales similar to auto sales surge right after SARS scare in 2003. Why EVs? There’s no waiting time for green lic plates.

Tesla soars in Germany with massive 168% increase in registrations in January

ARK Invest's Cathie Wood says Tesla will hit $7,000 in 2024 and could hit $15,000

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