Keep in mind that the Ark Invest "Golden Goose" scenario, which does NOT include Tesla Energy, is $22,000 per share.

Volvo gets busted for emissions fraud:
Even with NOx reduction switched on (between 9 and 22 C) the Volvo XC60 emits 736 mg/km (note that is 4.1x the max. allowed !). At temperatures below 6 Celsius a switch-off device becomes active and the car emits 2,148 mg NOx per km (!)

Just had to get this off my chest--it was actually a GOOD thing we quit going to the moon when we did. Imagine being a kid, looking up in the sky at our friendly old moon and one day learning there are dead astronauts in orbit around it or littering the surface. The human psyche is fragile enough as it is, without something like that to darken the childhoods of billions.

Man, Shawtie is fighting with EVERYTHING to keep it below $500!

Not gonna make $500 today. That leaves Thurs. & Fri.

Soooooo... where are those delivery numbers, ELON?

Ghost of Steve Jobs’ Ghost
$Tslaq is attacking @28delayslater
because they finally realized that the share price rally was caused by that damn

Ihor Dusaniwsky
$TSLA short int is $10.53bn ; 25.13mm shs shorted; 18.78% of float; 0.30% borrow fee. Shares shorted down -3.4mm shares, -12%, over last 30 days as price rose +26% & down -325k shares over last week.Shorts down -$2.81bn in 2019 mark-to-market losses;down -$2.31bn Dec & down -$6mm

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