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VW ID3 has a "massive software problem"--the first 10K cars produced will not have a completed software package, will be parked in rented lot until retrofitted by a mobile service team b4 delivery to customers.

“There is a saying: Make an effort, and the universe will help. I found out that it’s very often true.” - Ivan Passer - Beautiful story of Czech filmmakers Milos Forman & Ivan Passer & their escape from Communist

Third Row Tesla Podcast--fun, but with one chilling bit of info--the prospect of 5% Tesla shareholder Tencent getting WeChat on to your Tesla, which would mean the Chinese government having access to your

· Dec 8
At least, *when* there is an AP incident there can be learnings taken and applied to the entire fleet In a matter of hours

·Dec 8
This is so wild to ponder: Can you imagine if the entire world became better at driving shortly after every incident?

In the last century, there could have been six orders of magnitude fewer accidents, trillions of dollars in damages avoided, and tens of millions of lives saved.



Just heard from someone who was at the Tesla flagship store in Shanghai. According to the guy he talked to, they are already delivering the MIC Model 3 and all the cars they will produce until March have already been

Sad news: fmr. Fed Chairman Paul Volker, architect of the tight money policy that defeated 1970s inflation, dead at 92.

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