Days from $400 to $500: 25
Days from $500 to $600: 18
Days from $600 to $700: 4
Days from $700 to $800: 1
Days from $800 to $900: 0

At this point Short sellers could have started their own EV company with the money they've thrown away shorting Tesla

Days from $400 to $500: 25
Days from $500 to $600: 18
Days from $600 to $700: 4
Days from $700 to $800: ?

I did some math on the stupid tesla deaths site. As of Nov 7th, Tesla's had been driven 16.8 billion miles.

From that site, which includes ridiculous stuff like 1 ton concrete block falls on car, as of nov 7th, there were 40 tesla deaths (driver + passanger).

That's one death every 420 million miles, 8.9x better than the average vehicle.

Safest cars on the planet

Any idea how many MIC cars will be delivered tomorrow?

Elon tweeted that there is no time to address Tesla merchandise store. Our printed apparel company could build merchandise stores for both Tesla and SpaceX and list the products on both Amazon and Walmart. Anyone know how I can contact him to get licenses?

twitter suggestion. Stop tagging $tslaq. I've started just saying tslaq when I refer to them, no need to bring them to any discussion by adding in the $.

Had a revelation today. We just accept that much of the anti-tesla press is driven by their ad revenue from ICE and big oil companies.

My revelation is why is this acceptable to anyone who is against climate change? Media, publications, blogs, etc, running ICE/big oil ads for profit should have the receive the same criticism that ICE/big oil themselves get for putting profits over planet.

I wonder if it would be a good idea for any articles/blogs on Tesla to use the wording American automobile company Tesla or something to that effect for the first reference to Tesla in each article. How much of the coal rolling, charger blocking, keying, etc, is from people who somehow think Tesla is unamerican?

Tesla had already made the legacy car industry's experience creating engines and transmissions obsolete, now they're their experience bending and even painting metal obsolete.

Tesla is missing battery supply and production capacity to take over vehicle industry the way Apple took over the phone industry.

Battery investor day likely has a solution to the first, but how do they solve the second? Factories take too long to build.

I really have to start checking to see if people are $tslaq on twitter before I engage them. Such a waste of time otherwise.

What comes next? Cybervan or Cybercar? Tesla could use vans for mobile service fleet. Could hit lower price point with cybercar. Need lots and lots of batteries.

So the stainless steel steel alloy that SpaceX and Tesla are using has to be rest free, right? Is it the same thing they use in the drive train? It was presented as SpaceX bringing advancement to Tesla, but is it really the other way around, Starship borrowing from Model 3?

Cybertruck confirms Tesla is sitting on a battery breakthrough, right?

I've never owned a truck and really doubt I ever will, but I can't wait to see cybertruck. I don't think I've ever been so interested in a new product announcement that I know going in I'll likely never buy.

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