@JonErlichman 5 years ago. We need to accelerate progress towards fully reusable rockets. Cost per ton to orbit needs to improve by

RT @SpaceX: SpaceX and @NASA completed a full rehearsal of launch day activities with @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug ahead of Crew Demo-2 t.co/n3B2BBBmnq

@Erdayastronaut @NASA @SpaceX Mars needs to happen soon

@RyanMaue @flcnhvy @jayleno Pretty much

@flcnhvy @jayleno Reviewed design with Franz last night. Even 3% smaller is too small. Will be pretty much this size. We’ll probably do a smaller, tight world truck at some point.

@flcnhvy Haha true! Hard to convey tone in tweets. Many people would probably be a lot less upset if they heard me speak the words.

@SpaceX Astronauts to orbit in 5 days!!

@SaulRight2017 New New Hampshire license plate?

@anzhelikashhhh Когда рак на горе свистнет

@coollstranger Мне очень нравится звучание русского языка

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