@stevejobs people forget that creativity and aggressiveness (brutal honesty) often go together. Let those who’ve never “sinned” throw the first stone. Looking forward to more of your writing on Tesla.

Who needs Netflix when we can watch Tesla’s “drama” almost every day?

If Tesla puts that rollercoaster in Freemont, maybe call it $TSLA

Is Tesla considered Retail with curbside pickup (related manufacturing/ supply chain)?

Third Row episode about FSD is a major eye opener for what’s coming

@marco yesterday took the kids to watch the sunset near the sea

One of the ways to “get outside” while still being isolated is to use your Tesla for a quick drive around

@marco I guess Tesla has lot of room to increase gross profit per vehicle with software upsell even without FSD for city streets

Asked my wife how much she would pay more for having a car that goes to find a parking spot by itself after she got out where she wanted. Answer: “5000 €?” 😳😳😳

Will this change significantly next week, when all the SC 13G/A filings are updated?


Can’t say the market close of was not a bit anti-climax :/

@marco all I can say is calls *were* underappreciated ;)

@marco at this rate my previous toot is going to be off by 100

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