The world’s biggest pension fund has struck a blow against short-sellers with Japanese giant GPIF halting stock lending from its equity portfolio - @Urbandirt and @naumanbilly

Tesla surpasses Daimler to become third most valuable car company on Earth

1. Toyota 🇯🇵
2. Volkswagen 🇩🇪
3. Tesla 🇺🇸

let's keep moving up that list!

I love my Tesla so much. but as soon as I hit the two year mark of ownership i’m buying a performance and turning it into a robotaxi

Car is just casually updating itself in the driveway; still blows my mind.

elon liked this post last night which kind of confirms that it’s in the right ball park in terms of when they hit 2 billion

One pedal driving is awesome! Cone visualizations work flamelessly and the power increase is quite noticeable. Amazing update :)

Mercedes laid off 1,000 executive level staff today. That’s a lot. What’s even more incredible is that they still have ~9,000 executives left... what the actual hell...

Cybertruck unveil November 21!!!! Let’s fuckin go!!!

Teslarati: Tesla Model S Plaid leaves the Nürburgring for the year with a frighteningly quick unofficial lap

now that i’m not on twitter who is shawty gonna blame for making them lose all their money?

No demand in China 🇨🇳
No demand in China 🇨🇳
No demand in China 🇨🇳

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