@stevejobs I came here to hear you say that. And it took me 20 minutes to get in :)

@TeslaLisa many people are afraid they’re going to die and are acting unreasonable

don’t be sad

won’t be as bad as most people think. This has gotten so much attention now that people will do everything they can to minimize the impact

and elon will do everything he can to keep tesla running at full capacity

@stevejobs it's not looking good right now tho re Fremont. Shorts are pushing the county hard. Aaron getting FOIAs re any correspondence between county/tesla/elon etc. I kinda think they'll be shut down now. But if every damn factory in the area isn't - oh boy

@TeslaLisa shorts will push the county, but Tesla is allowed to continue minimum basic operations. that’s pretty broad

shorts will push hard to shut Tesla down, but Tesla has more power than the shorts

even if they have to shut down temporarily, it’s the last two weeks of the quarter. since it takes 3 weeks to ship all cars are out already.

plus they have channel inventory of about 20,000 cars

@stevejobs are you not posting on Twitter right now?
And yes I'm trying to remember we're dealing with Elon Musk here. But... outside forces.

@TeslaLisa even the weed stores are still open because they’re considered essential

Dispensaries Are Considered *Essential* And Will NOT Be Shut Down As The World Ends barstoolsports.com/blog/211436

@stevejobs but that's also a medical thing. IDK. Shorts will lose their minds more than ever if T doesn't get shut down. Oh boy.

@TeslaLisa well, Gigafactory Shanghai has been open for weeks and they have seen a reduction of cases in China

they have procedures to keep everyone safe. other auto plants in the US are open

@stevejobs I need a News Fast and get away from news for a bit.

@TeslaLisa yeah, that’s the best thing to do. there’s no use in stressing

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