@stevejobs holy smokes!!
up to $650 after hours..
This is soo awesome!! :D 📈 🚀

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Crickets from $tslaq 😂🤣 kinda hard to FUD a success story

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Tesla just hit $379 and very likely ending the day above $380.

"RIP shawties" 🍎

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That's why we need renewable energy and electric cars!

Very smart move for Tesla to put the European Gigafactory 4 around Berlin, which is basically in former East Germany, where jobs are needed.

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Oh man. This article was too much fun to read.

German media realizes the German auto industry is fucked:

First impressions on Model 3 Made-in-China: the Miracle 丨 ENGLISH youtu.be/nrrY8zaqs8o

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